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Introducing Kayamatic:
An Ecosystem of Digital Building Blocks For Cannabis Retail Operators.

We offer Quick-Start Digital
& Shopper Marketing
for Newly Licensed Cannabis Retailers


A value-added integrator of cannabis software solutions, with partner affiliates revolving around a customized WordPress website foundation.


Start up costs for cannabis companies remain high, despite various state’s attempts to create lower barriers to entry for “Equity Empowerment” applicants who have less access to capital than the more typical cannabis licensee. Either way, starting up a dispensary is confusing and expensive, especialy when it comes to knowing the right digitally-based tools to deploy.

Additionally, many of both well funded and “equity empowerment” license seekers with less access to capital have little consumer goods marketing experience. This leads to misunderstanding of the best way to design, integrate and deploy their digital retail infrastructure. Kayamatic is here to help!

A Few Kayamatic clients on WordPress

A Few Words on WordPress

When a new business is coming into being, one of the first steps an owner must undertake before opening its doors is to build a website to announce yourself to the world and start selling goods and services.

Yet, this seemingly simple step is fraught with detailed technical decision making. At one end, you have simple pre-templated web builders from hosting companies like Wix, GoDaddy, SquareSpace and others. At the other end of the spectrum are proprietary application based web sites using tools like React frameworks and AWS-database object enabled projects.

WordPress falls somewhere in the middle. Being Open Source, the underlying software is always being improved by it’s community of developers. Being open source also means the basic code base is free to use and even modify.

More than 25% of the world’s websites are built using WordPress. and with over 50,000 themes and plugins, any design or functionality one can imagine is possible.

Bottom line; with a strong hosting partner (We prefer WPEngine out of Austin, TX) and a killer mobile optimized theme (We like to build with the TOTAL WP theme), anything is possible with a WordPress website foundation and the right design and development team.


Our Latest Thinking

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